Learn to make your own beer and wine!

P1170138At Alumaflamingo you’ll learn what it takes to make great wine and beer in your own home.

Craft beers, microbrews, and home brewing have peaked in popularity in recent years. Beer drinkers have become more experimental, and there are more resources for brewing your own custom beers than ever before.

Craig Stephens was a home brewer before he switched to home wine making. “I used to brew, but my wife is not fond of the house smelling like a brewery,” he said. “I rather like the smell, but then, I like beer!”

When he switched to home wine making he discovered that it was “really easy” to make great wine at home. Any style of wine can be made—simply vary the grape type and technique—and the equipment is easy to obtain and maintain.

Craig will share his winemaking secrets, and Steve Rosenthal, an accomplished home brewer, will teach beer brewing techniques during the second half of the Alumaflamingo seminar.

“Steve and I will talk the seminar attendees through the basics, as well as provide a few tips from experience,” said Craig. “Making beer can actually be more complex than wine, because there are more elements.”

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Save time and hassle—register now!

When’s the best time to sign up for Alumaflamingo? That time is now, and here’s why.

PrintTake it from us, you’ll want to register for Alumaflamingo online. Though you’re welcome to, those who arrive without a pre-registration receipt will be required to park their rig in a bullpen holding area, walk to the reg desk, and wait in line before being assigned a campsite—all while the preregistered Airstreamers lounge in the sun or stroll the vendor displays.

Onsite registration is not a fast process, so sign up now and proceed directly to your site in Sarasota!

Check out the latest preliminary event program, too—highlights include behind-the-scenes tours of Sarasota sights, the main stage performance by Antsy McClain, cooking classes and culinary adventures, and new seminars about all things Airstream (and one just for trailering newbies).


(Or give us a call at 813-200-8877, or email us at info@randbevents.com)

If you’re already registered, fantastic—we’ll see you in sunny Florida February 24 – March 1! Watch your email for your Get Ready Guide with all the info you’ll need to make the most of Alumaflamingo week and your visit to Sarasota.

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Sarasota Jungle Gardens

history_imgEstablished in 1939, Jungle Gardens is one of the oldest, most popular attractions in Florida—and it will be a highlight offsite excursion during Alumaflamingo.

“A tropical adventure awaits all who visit the Sarasota Jungle Gardens,” where more than 150 native and exotic animals cavort, climb, crawl and fly: birds of prey, parrots and macaws, primates, snakes, iguanas, alligators, crocodiles, and, best of all, a huge flock of Florida’s famous pink flamingos. All are well cared for (many are rescues) under Florida Fish and Wildlife guidelines.



As Sarasota Jungle Gardens is one of the few zoos in the United States that allows their flock to roam freely, you’ll have the rare opportunity to mingle among the flamingos and feed them by hand.

Jungle Gardens has an “old Florida” feel, and covers ten acres of lush tropical foliage connected by winding jungle trails.

Daily bird and reptile shows also offer one on one wildlife interactions, including holding and posing with animals for pictures. Bring your smart phone for a souvenir selfie!

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Alumaflamingo registration is now open!


It’s not too early to circle the date on your calendar and look forward to a week of Airstream fun in sunny Sarasota.

Plan now to join us in Florida in February (2/24—3/1, 2015) and save some bucks! Register before January 1 and get $30 discount.

(Jump to this link for price details.)

All Aluma-events are different from year to year, and we’re already planning exciting new seminars and activities for the 2015 program. (Thanks to everyone who completed the post-event survey after our first-ever Alumaflamingo this year. Your comments matter!)

Sign up for Alumaflamingo today, and don’t delay registering even if you think you might not be able to come. You can’t lose: If you cancel anytime before the event begins, we can transfer your fees to any one of our other events (Alumafiesta, Alumapalooza, Alumafandango) being held within 11 months of Alumaflamingo.)

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Guidelines for the chili cook off contest

Dust off that secret recipe and lets make some chili!

1. Your chili must be made solely within the confines of an actual Airstream galley, while you’re AT Alumaflamingo.

2. Only raw materials and ingredients may be brought to the event. (Please buy as much as you can while in the city of Sarasota, to support our local host community!)

No made-ahead prep work or precooked chili will be accepted as an entry; all chili is to be fashioned from scratch by the contestant, and made on location in the contestant’s own Airstream.

“The broad wide world known as “Chili” is beyond the scope of this competition and thus only One Class of Chili shall be vetted,” explained Alex, contest wrangler. “All manners and styles are acceptable, as long as at least two quarts are prepared, and entered. Any and all varieties are permissible and any accoutrements in order to help the Jury arrive at a desired conclusion should be delivered with the Chili and ready. These include food-stuffs such as cheese, onions, pasta, et cetera, but not decorative serving utensils.”

“While many make and tend to deliver Chili in electric Slow Cookers, contestants should NOT expect electricity to be provided at the Judging Area. The Chili should be expected to remain at a suitable serving temperature for adjudication for at least 45 minutes. The Jury shall account for cooling effects and no entry shall be penalized for the effects of cooling should it be unavoidable to due conditions beyond the contestant’s control.”

Swing by the welcome and t-shirts table in the vendor building to sign up for the chili cook off and pick up a full set of rules and guidelines.

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